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Hatching Egg Agreement

***Please read through and then comment, "I agree." in chat, message, or email. 


Purchasing shipped hatching eggs is a huge gamble.  I regularly ship in hatching eggs for myself and have had 0% hatch rates, 95% hatch rates, and everything in between.  A lot of factors can affect your own hatch rate, such as extreme transport temps, rough handling, your own incubation methods, etc.  I take the utmost care in packaging your eggs to ensure they arrive safely to you. 













Once USPS/UPS or another carrier is in possession of them, I have no control over their handling, transport conditions, ideal or extreme temps, shaking, extreme altitude, shipping delays, etc.  I do not replace eggs that simply do not hatch, period.  However, if your eggs arrive damaged, message me with photos of the outside of the box, the interior of the box, and the damaged eggs. and I will work with you to find the best course of action to get it resolved. Please research how to ensure the best possible hatch.  Humidity, incubator, and all sorts of environmental influences will effect your hatch rate- not accounting for the shipping damage.  


I do show my birds, and I am a member of the American Bantam Association, the SCNA, the American Poultry Association, and I am a rep for the PA district 2 Serama Council of North America. I am very proud of what I do, of my birds, and their eggs.  Creating and maintaining positive, trusting working relationships is very important to me.  Each egg is marked with the breed and I only send eggs collected within 72 hours of shipping. If there is a problem with your package or eggs, please message me right away and allow me the opportunity to resolve any issues before leaving a negative review on my farm page or another Facebook page.


If you cannot or will not accept the risk of buying shipped hatching eggs, please do not purchase them.  By typing "I agree" and furthermore by sending payment for the eggs, you are acknowledging that you understand and knowingly accept the risk.


Thank you!  Happy hatching! 🐣

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