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Quality breeding and experience

About Racing Feathers Farm 

The farm started with horses, after 30 years caring for, training, and breeding.  Many years of animal husbandry at a high level led to this. 

Now, we offer as many breeds of poultry as we could dream of in one place.  Many have said quality can't be reached in this quantity.  But when there is passion... Each breed has been selected for a particular reason.  Whether it be egg laying to cater to the Amish neighbors, eye candy for the backyard fanatic, show quality birds to travel the neighboring states... There is a method to this madness!

Katie is a certified Poultry Tester in the state of Pennsylvania and the flock is NPIP tested H5/H7 clean and AI clean.  (Pa 730-1)

Katie is currently a vet assistant at a large equine farm.  

We are focusing on breeding high quality Nigerian Dwarf goats for exhibition and production for the furthering of the breed.  We participate in DHIA/DHIR milk test as well as will participate in Linear Appraisal in 2024. 

Experience, Quality, Variety, Exhibition

A lot goes on at the farm.  Drawing from many years of animal husbandry experience, the chickens receive great care and close attention to detail.  That attention to detail allows those same birds to excel in exhibition.  

Katie and her mother enjoy going to farmers markets and events with the goats milk soaps, farm crafts, and poultry shows year round.

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