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Our Herd

  • Our Bucks

  • Old Mountain Farm Hornet V+E88

  •  We Goat it Nyx Brave Knight

  • ​Udderly Darling TangledTwister

  • Fairytale Nigerians S Antonio

  • Petite Pastures Scrappydappydo

  • ​Eagle Meadows Neymar *B (retired)

Coming this fall:

Sinai Thunder Ex Ecutive Order *B *S VEE 89     Could not be more excited to have the opportunity to add XO to my herd! Thank you Jill!!!!

Buck Kid by Agape's Prize Scarlet River Out of Wings And Caprine Rue La La

Old Mountain Farm Hornet V+E88

Bred by the 2021 ADGA "Herd of Distinction" award winner, Hornet is from serious dairy lines.  His DD is one that produced some excellent kids (both bucks and does), for OMF and Agapes Prize.  

We Goat It Nyx Brave Knight

Knight boasts some powerful lines, a paternal grandson of the 2016 ADGA national show 1st place yearling milker as well as the son of a finished champion. 

Petite Pastures Scrappydappydo

Carrying a lot of great Buttin'heads herd names, he also adds strong udders, and great GA. 

Coming this fall!

Stay Tuned!

Fairytale Nigerians S Antonio

From the powerful Heaven's Hollow Still Stag and out of Cool Springs TS Hot Pinata VGEV88, Antonio boasts some beautiful udders behind him. 

Udderly Darling Tangledtwister

This guy adds lovely line breeding on several does, flashy moon spot, and blue eyes.  

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