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  • Where are your birds sourced from?
    Racing Feathers Farm worked very hard to source birds from top breeders. Studying the SOP and attending poultry shows has enabled Katie to make sure she keeps the best breeders. Chicks from these breeders are not guaranteed show quality, but many are bred with that intention in mind.
  • Do you sell hatching eggs?
    Yes! When available, hatching eggs are available. HOWEVER, hatch rate is not guaranteed. All chicks available are hatched from these eggs in my incubator, but once they leave my hands I cannot guarantee handling will not affect the rate adversely.
  • How do you ship hatching eggs?
    Hatching eggs are collected, placed on a turner and shipped within 48 hours. They are wrapped individually, placed pointy end down, and double boxed in proper box sizes.
  • How do you handle local pickup?
    Preorders can be placed in advance. Meets will be done in a parking lot of a public place. Your chicks, pullets, or eggs will be safely packed.
  • What kind of payments do you take?
    I accept cash, Venmo, PayPal, Cashapp or payment via Square (an invoice will be sent to your email or you can pay in person via credit card).
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