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These tiny chickens were imported about 20 years ago by Jerry Schexnayder, the original and foremost breeder.  Most of my flock has been sourced by him, with several coming from City Chicks (Frank/Charlotte Lupton) line, Belle Terre (Cari Bellendorf), Kenneth Howe, Bonnie Gruenberg, and Barbara Robinson Morgan (Sensational Serama).  They have huge personalities and make great additions to anyone looking for pets.  

I actively show these wonderful birds, and have breeding pens set up with my best cockerels and pullets paired together to begin growing out my own tiny chickens for 2020.  

Napoleon received Reserve Cockerel scoring an 81 behind the Best of Show winner who scored an 85 ahead of him at the Lebanon show in Oct 2019.  One of my pullets scored very well to receive reserve Pullet.  

Chicks and hatching eggs are available now.  

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