Marans come in many varieties.  Here at Racing Feathers Farm we offer several that appeal to many.  They will all be feather legged (the French standard), and most will lay very dark chocolate eggs, but some we are working on egg color.  Some come from excellent exhibition lines, while others are projects and still in the works.  They are rumored to be the best dual purpose meat bird! 

White Marans

Beautiful white birds.. friendly and calm

Improving this line this year- available 2021


Black Marans

Gorgeous Plumage.  SOP from Bev Davis lines

This flock has been sourced from Bev Davis lines to be included in our projects here at Racing Feathers.  They are beautiful, friendly and we hope they will show well. 

Chicks will be available in Spring 2020.

Wheaten Marans

SOP correct birds from two different breeders

Most of my hens are sourced from Bev Davis lines, with the others coming from Cedar Hill Marans.  I expect to have chicks spring/summer 2020. 

Birchen/Silver Marans

Flashy, beautiful birds

I currently have a breeding pen of a pair- a black silver cock over a splash hen.  This should give me many different chicks. This pair is from Will Hatcher's line, excellent type and just really nice birds. 

Chicks will be available Spring 2020. 

Lavender Marans

My favorite color of bird- but a project

These birds are still in project version.. working on type and egg color.  Some do not have that "Marans" type yet, but we are working on it! 

Chicks will be released in limited quantity 2020.