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2022 Chick and Egg List
Shipping for eggs will be $20 per dozen via UPS or USPS whichever is quicker


  •  Opal Legbars-  I will not be hatching or offering many of these so pre orders are encouraged.  Chicks will be offered both as pullet chicks ($15) and cockerel chicks ($5). Hatching eggs will be by the half dozen at $30. 

Cream Legbars- Also will be offering sparingly.  Pullet chicks ($15) and cockerel chicks ($5) Hatching eggs by the dozen at $50

Birchen Marans (black over blue)- I will be offering chicks only at $12 each.

Isabel Orpington and Isabel Crele- I will be offering eggs and chicks.  Chicks at $10 per chick Eggs will be $95 per dozen.  

Calico Orpington- I will once again be offering these sparingly. Chicks only at $15

Black Australorps-  These will be offered as chicks and eggs.  They are bred to standard but I cannot guarantee you will get SOP chicks. Chicks $8 and eggs will be $50 per dozen.

White Ameraucana- These are bred to standard and come from Eye of the Rooster lines originally.  He sourced them from top breeders.  Chicks are $12 and eggs may be offered by the half dozen at $30

Salmon Faverolles- I sourced these from top breeders, but do not have the time to be as picky breeding them as I’d like to be.  Therefore, I will be breeding as close to standard as possible, but will be breeding for hardiness and personality.  Chicks are $8 and eggs will be $65 per dozen.

F1 Olive Eggers- I keep two different breeding pens of this rainbow layer so you will get several shades of egg color.  One pen IS sex linked and I can sell pullet chicks for $15.

 The other will be straight run only.  $7 a chick.  Eggs will be $50 for a dozen.

F2 Olive Eggers- This is a tricky project as not all chicks will lay olive eggs, some will carry the brown egg gene. Others will lay a fantastic olive color.  Chicks will be $5 each.

Wheaten Ameraucana- I breed these to SOP.  Chicks will be offered sparingly this year.  $15 per chick.  Eggs will only be offered in mixed dozens or as specials.

Black Ameraucana- I breed these to SOP and show them, so I don’t sell many in the spring.  Please pre order if you are interested in this variety.  Chicks are $15.  Hatching eggs will only be offered on a preorder, scheduled basis.  $70 per dozen. 

Self Blue Ameraucana- I also breed and show these.  Preorders encouraged.  Chicks $15, eggs only by the half dozen at $35

Black/Blue/Self Blue D’uccle-  These are one of my favorite bantams.  Super friendly and hardy.  I show these little guys.  They do go broody frequently, so eggs are not offered often.  Chicks will be $15.  Eggs when available will be $75 a dozen.  I hatch black, blue, and self blue from my flocks (my blacks are split to self blue)

Bantam Self Blue and Black Ameraucana- Chicks and Eggs will be by pre order only.  

Svart Hona-  This is one of my most popular breeds.  I already have a wait list for spring and have been shipping eggs up until this last storm set them back a little (so will resume on the list as soon as they cooperate).  Hatching eggs are $65 per dozen.  Chicks will be offered at $10 per chick.

Bielefelder-  Giant, sweet, good winter layers.  And they are autosexing so I can offer pullet chicks at $15 a chick.  Cockerels are $5 per chick.  Hatching eggs will be $45 for a half dozen.  

Serama-  I do not sell chicks.  I do offer grow outs and juveniles as available.  Hatching eggs are also sparingly offered.  Please contact me.

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